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Rendering with mental ray in 3DS Max 2010

What is covered in this training product?

This training product is designed for anyone who needs to learn about rendering with 3dsMax and the mental ray renderer. Start mastering the art of rendering with the industry standard mental ray renderer, and learn to leverage its powerful lighting features and tools, such as Global Illumination, Final Gather, area lights, Caustics, mental ray daylight systems, as well as new features that have been introduced with 3ds Max 2010.


Not only does this product show you how to get started using these features, you will also be taken through the process of applying this features to real world examples. This approach to learning mental ray will maximize your ability to use the renderer from a professional working stand point, teaching you techniques for trouble shooting all kinds of challenges and issues that can occur when working for your studio and clients. This training product includes all project files and assets needed to follow along with the instructor. Project files require Autodesk 3ds Max 2010.

NOTE: This product is available as a download only.
            Includes all project files, scenes, and assets.

Total Running Time: 6 hours

Video Breakdown:

• 00 Intro
• 01 Overview
• 02 Getting Started
• 03 mental ray Settings
• 04 3ds Max Lights
• 05 Photometric Lights
• 06 mental ray Lights
• 07 Viewport Rendering
• 08 Global Illumination Part 01
• 09 Global Illumination Part 02
• 10 Global Illumination Part 03
• 11 Global Illumination Part 04
• 12 GI Example Part 01
• 13 GI Example Part 02
• 14 GI Example Part 03
• 15 Final Gather Part 01
• 16 Final Gather Part 02
• 17 Final Gather Part 03
• 18 Final Gather Part 04
• 19 Sun and Sky Part 01
• 20 Sun and Sky Part 02
• 21 GI and FG
• 22 Caustics Part 01
• 23 Caustics Part 02
• 24 Conclusion

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