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Introduction to Polygon Modeling: 3dsMax 2011

What is covered in this training product?


This training product is designed for anyone who needs to learn professional polygon modeling with Autodesk 3dsMax 2011. This training title takes the user through the entire process of producing a highly detailed 3D scene that involves working with a variety of tools and techniques commonly used in professional production settings. You will be taught polygon modeling methods within 3dsMax 2011 that range from simple, basic modeling tasks, all the way to more advanced and complex challenging tasks that will uncover professional tricks and special techniques for completing modeling jobs in the fastest, easiest, and most efficient manner possible. ‘Introduction to Polygon Modeling: 3dsMax 2011’ is perfect for beginner, intermediate, and professional 3d artists seeking to learn time saving professional techniques and anyone needing to learn advanced polygon modeling as quickly and easily as possible. This training product includes .max project files. Project files require Autodesk 3dsMax 2011.


NOTE: This product is available as a download only.

             Includes .max file scenes.


Total Running Time: 04 hours


Video Breakdown:


  • 01_Overview_of_Interface
  • 02_Polygon_Geometry
  • 03_Anatomy_of_Polygons
  • 04_Project_Overview
  • 05_Preparing_for_Modeling
  • 06_Blocking_Geometry_Out
  • 07_Front_End_Part01
  • 08_Front_End_Part02
  • 09_Front_End_Part03
  • 10_Front_End_Part04
  • 11_Front_End_Part05
  • 12_Front_End_Part06
  • 13_Front_End_Part07
  • 14_Sides_Part01
  • 15_Sides_Part02
  • 16_Sides_Part03
  • 17_Back_Part01
  • 18_Back_Part02
  • 19_Back_Part03
  • 20_Back_Part04
  • 21_Back_Part05
  • 22_Back_Part06
  • 23_Back_Part07
  • 24_Back_Part08
  • 25_Back_Part09
  • 26_Back_Part10
  • 27_Back_Part11
  • 28_Back_Part12
  • 29_Back_Part13
  • 30_Back_Part14
  • 31_Back_Part15
  • 32_Back_Part16
  • 33_Back_Part17
  • 34_Back_Part18
  • 35_Back_Part19
  • 36_Back_Part20

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