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Next-Gen Game Development with Unity3D Volume II: Softimage and ZBrush Production Pipeline

What is covered in this training product?


This training product is designed for anyone who needs to learn professional next-gen game development with the powerful Unity3D engine. This training title focuses on advanced techniques for game modeling while using a mixed pipeline between the Unity game engine, Autodesk Softimage, and ZBrush. Users are shown professional methods and workflows to create realtime low polygon models, as well as using subdivision surfaces to create high resolution models, design philosophies, and game development concepts. Being an important facet of today’s production pipeline, users are also taught how to take advantage of ZBrush to import low polygon objects and sculpt them into extremely high resolution models that can be used to bake normal maps and extract details that can be used within the Unity engine in realtime, thus increasing the quality and realism of games made with Unity. Artistic methods are shown to create high quality work, while technical points are covered in order to adhere to important technical limitations that game artists have to follow in order to produce high quality content that is performance friendly. Users are shown the entire process and production pipeline on how to design and create objects from scratch, create high resolution sculpts, and finally how to transfer details from millions of polygons onto a low resolution model. Data Asset Exchange is also covered, showing how to properly work with and transfer game assets between Softimage, ZBrush, and Unity as easily and efficiently as possible, a process than can usually be difficult and unpredictable. Students and aspiring game developers will be exposed to professional workflows and understand how to work in a mixed pipeline environment for game modeling. Advanced users and professionals will be able to learn time saving and efficient techniques for completing difficult modeling tasks as efficiently as possible and learn the advantages of integrating Softimage, ZBrush, and Unity into their studio’s production pipeline.

Unity project scenes are compatible with Unity Pro 3.2

Softimage project scenes are compatible with 2011.5

ZTools included are compatible with ZBrush 4


NOTE: This product is available as a download only.

              Includes FBX geometry and texture assets.

              Includes Softimage project with example scenes.

              Includes ZBrush ZTools used by instructor.

              Includes Unity Pro 3.2 project with example scenes.


Total Running Time: 02.5 hours


Video Breakdown:


  • 01_Introduction
  • 02_Design_and_Conceptualization
  • 03_Modeling_Realtime_Assets
  • 04_Example01_Cables
  • 05_Example01_Cables
  • 06_Example01_Building
  • 07_Example01_Building
  • 08_Example03_BrokenWall
  • 09_High_Resolution_Sculpting
  • 10_Normal_Mapping_in_Softimage
  • 11_Pipeline_with_ZBrush_Part01
  • 12_Pipeline_with_ZBrush_Part02
  • 13_Sculpting_Part01
  • 14_Sculpting_Part02
  • 15_Sculpting_Part03
  • 16_Sculpting_Part04
  • 17_Sculpting_Part05
  • 18_Data_Asset_Exchange_Part01
  • 19_Data_Asset_Exchange_Part02
  • 20_Conclusion

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