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Texture Modeling for Games with 3dsMax 2011

Texture modeling is the process of creating 3D geometry based on real world photographs as reference. Unlike more generalized modeling methods, where an artist examines photographic reference and then attempts to interpret the object themselves in 3D, texture modeling actually builds geometry that is based on exact pictures. This is a great technique that allows modelers to create both realistic models, and incorporate lots of detail- quickly and easily.

In this video taken from our training product, “Next-Gen Game Development with Unity3D Volume II: 3dsMax and ZBrush Production Pipeline”, we will see how to use this technique in a practical and real world situation. We’ll be using a reference photograph to build geometry that matches with the image, and we’ll be doing this with polygons, from scratch. The technique will be used with game development and real time asset needs in mind, so consideration for triangle limits and topology will be taken into consideration. 3dsMax 2011 is used in this video, however, note that the same technique can be applied to most, if not all 3D modeling packages. You can also use this workflow for visual effects work and other applications in the CG industry, not just games.


Video Clips

image: Texture Modeling for Games with 3dsMax 2011